Welcome to the Guru Experience

A proper Fit can help make you less prone to injury, faster and more comfortable.

Please call in advance to schedule a Fit:
(814) 624-3415.

You will need:

  • Your bike
  • Riding clothing
  • Riding shoes
  • Your pedals

Services Offered

Bike Sizing (Non Guru)


Our standard bike sizing includes frame sizing and saddle height adjustment. There is also an optional saddle upgrade.

We sell a full range of Fabric saddles which offer a 30 day guarantee as well as Selle Royal Comfort Saddles, which offer a 120 day guarantee.

Guru Bike Finder

$50.00 or Free with bike purchase $750.00+

  • GURU’s computer-controlled fit bike adjusts your riding position while you pedal – allowing you to feel changes in real-time to ensure that you create an optimal riding position.
  • The DFU simulates incline/decline (up to 15% gradient) to test your riding position against changes in terrain.
  • Integrated Computrainer provides power analysis to deliver maximum pedaling efficiency.

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Guru Optimization – Road/MTB

$150.00 (Includes Aline insole analysis) or $230 if adding Aline insoles

  • .F.I.S.T. Fit Protocol
    • Created by Dan Empfield – founder of slowtwitch.com and renowned bike fit “guru” – this industry-leading fit protocol combines years of fit science and rider feedback to create a precision-based riding position tailored to your preferences.
    • Access the fundamentals of F.I.S.T. fit protocol to create the perfect fit on a stock bike.
  • Motion Capture Analysis
    • Guru’s 3D camera system allows you to monitor changes to your riding position in real-time – utilizing a single front-mounted camera to capture your joint angles.
  • Guru Virtual Warehouse™
    • Guru’s Virtual Warehouse features thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers – allowing you to test ride a collection of individual bikes on command.
  • Tailored Fit Report
    • Guru’s tailored fit report delivers a personalized overview of your final riding position – featuring your essential fit data and specifications needed to pair your coordinates to a new bike or existing bike.

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